Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Crates and Cuttings

I finished my pallet garden!
Dill and Mint
From left to right and top to bottom I have basil, parsley, dill, thyme, mint, and oregano. I also planted a few nasturtium seeds in with the mint because I figured if anything could cohabit with mint, they could. I also learned that nasturtiums are good companion plants as they attract pests away from other plants, and if they don't get eaten by pests they are edible for humans, too. And also just pretty. :)
Pallet Garden
Over the weekend I visited my sister, and admired her collection of indoor plants. This begonia had been adopted from her old workplace. Apparently begonias are indestructible and super easy to propagate from cuttings. Sounds like my kind of plant! It has sweet little flowers that vary from white to fuchsia, depending on how much sunlight they get.
Kath's Begonia
My sister kindly gave me some cuttings from her begonia, as well as a couple of geraniums from her backyard. Here's hoping I don't kill them all! :P

Friday, 1 November 2013

Cow Quilt

Back in March I posted about a cow quilt I was piecing for my husband. I actually finished it by May (I think that's some kind of record for me) so he had it in time for Winter, but I never got around to getting photos of it. Since we actually had a holiday this week, I thought I'd get a few shots while I had the free time and the nice back drop.
Cow quilt at Bannisters
Trent holding his quilt up for me. :) This was take from our balcony, which overlooked the pool bar and the ocean. Sadly we didn't spot any whales (apparently a common sight for this location).
Trent holding cow quilt
This was the first quilting I did using my new sewing machine, it made such a difference! Nice even stitches...
Cow quilt green detail
Cow quilt blue detail
For the back I made some little cow "paddocks" based on Elizabeth Hartman's Picture Day pattern. I think it's maybe a bit too bright but it's the back of the quilt so meh...
Cow quilt back
And finally here's Trent back in May enjoying his new quilt while we watch BSG. :3 (You might also notice a bunch of other cow patterned things in the background... Hehe)
Trent under cow quilt
A quick update on the garden, first sugar snap pea spotted before going on holidays on Monday, and some jalapeƱos that have been happily growing in our absence.
Sugar peas growing
Jalapenos growing