Sunday, 13 October 2013

In Bloom

This year I've been struck with a desire to do some gardening. It seems to be somewhat of a yearly fad, come every Spring. Let's see how long my interest lasts this time. :)
Nasturtium Seedlings
One of the first things I planted was some Nasturtium seeds. These guys are edible, have pretty flowers, and reputedly thrive on neglect. So, perfect for a fair weather gardener like myself.
Nasturtium Buds
Two of my current nasturtiums were actually found in the ground, reseeded from last years abandoned batch (reputation deserved!). Today I was excited to see a few flowers are on their way!
Grape Tomatoes
New this year are some sweet yellow capsicums, jalapenos, and grape tomatoes. The latter two are about to bear something edible, yeah! I'm hoping I'll have some veggies from my little garden to put into some kangaroo chilli.

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