Monday, 31 March 2014

Retro Cushions

My talented friend Georgia, whose photos I've used on this blog more than once before, called for a Crafternoon. Having formed an idea of a present she wanted to make for her boyfriend, Georgia wanted me to help her realise her vision. It was a good opportunity to reciprocate benefiting from her photographic skills in the past, so the date was set!

Georgia had found this awesome fabric with retro floppy disks, and the print was conveniently cushion sized.

floppy disk cushions front

We didn't quite have exactly four complete disks on the ~1 metre panel of fabric, so we decided to use as much as we could for the back, plus some border fabric to make a flap.

floppy disk cushions back

She wanted the covers to have a loose fit, to give the cushions a nice chill slouchy look. Normally I go for the opposite by either making the cover smaller than the insert and/or filling the insert with additional stuffing. To achieve this look we made the covers to the same dimensions as the insert, approx. 45cm squared.

retro chair cushions front

We were originally thinking of using zips for the cushion closures, but I had these fantastic blue snap studs that were too perfect a match, and great excuse to use my snap press!

retro chair cushions back

Fast forward a few weeks and I can reveal the result of my gardening project with the recycled doors and pink pots foreshadowed in my last post. Georgia kindly helped me arrange the plants on the doors, and of course photographed the result for me. Et voila!

vertical garden on fence from the left

Much credit must also go to my friend Nick, whose handy work has been featured on this humble blog before. Nick helped me convert a massive, very heavy, hardwood door into two manageable pieces (left and middle panels in the picture). The circle of reciprocation continues in the guise of some jeans that need hemming... :)

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