Sunday, 4 December 2011

Juliet's Quilt

My first quilting project was for baby Juliet, beautiful first born child of my friends James and Sarah. The proud parents are also metalheads, so I was under strict instructions to avoid pastels. In fact, the more black, the better. It was great to make a baby quilt in a palette that I was already comfortable with, and using some of my favourite skully fabrics.

The quilt top is pretty basic piecing, as I thought it best to start simple. Gotta start somewhere, right? It's been through the washing machine already, giving it that cuddly crinkly look.

juliet finished

The quilt back is also pieced, and I made the label with some ribbon, which I have hand stitched on in a marquee shape (ooer, rah-ther fancy).

juliet finished back

So those were my photos. They give you a good overview of the quilt, but I'm extremely useless at any kind of photography. Instead, I left that up to my incredibly talented friend, G (



Mmm I would trade my whole stash for a thimbleful of her talent... (Incidentally, I absolutely adore this poppy print.)



IMO, the quilt is a great match to baby Juliet and her parents. I've since seen some great photos of her in her black tie-dye jumpsuit using the quilt as play matt. And that was definitely the most gratifying part of the whole process. :)

Update: James kindly permitted me to share said action shot:

juliet on quilt

Well, I did make a promise to limit the amount of this boring text stuff in my blog, so I might leave it at that.


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