Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Olivia's Quilt

Having had reasonable success with my first quilting endeavor, I decided to make a quilt for my friends Matt & Ying, who were also expecting their first baby. Unfortunately I wasn't going to get away with another black & skully baby quilt (dad would have approved, mum not-so-much), so I decided to go with a red, pink & aqua colour theme. I also wanted to include some fabric with bunnies on them, as Olivia was born in the year of the rabbit.

The quilt top was constructed using a Disappearing Nine Patch block.

olivia finished

I pieced the quilt back with some strips, giving me the opportunity to use a fairly gratuitous amount of that bunny print from Spoonflower. :3

olivia finished back

G (an-object-that-tells.tumblr.com) kindly took some beautiful sun-dappled detail shots of this quilt.



This is a great shot of Girl in a Tree Swing (I can't tell if this is the Vanilla Ice Cream or Pink Lemonade colourway... XD), my favourite print from the Sherbet Pips collection.


Oh yes, these prints are so ridiculously sweet. Never fear, I balanced it out with a nice frosty glass of Paulaner during its construction, hehe...

olivia paulaner

I gifted the quilt at the baby shower before Olivia was born, so I still need to add a label to the quilt with her full name and birthday. Any clever ideas?



  1. Heck yes, quilting! Both quilts you've made are gorgeous. :) I need to brush up on my sewing skills. I recently made a little drawstring bag, and I want to do some pillow cases to use up scraps.

  2. That is truely a glorious quilt. We use it with Olivia all the time.

  3. The ole Disappearing Nine Patch eh? A personal favourite of mine, though these days I'm more inclined towards the Double Four Patch.

    Love your work...